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Chandigarh, India

Why Choose Hunger Hackers?

A proven business with a low start-up cost, Hunger Hackers is growing fast to rank within the Top-3 positions in the fast-food business.

Find out why Hunger Hackers is the right fit for you?

Hunger Hackers will be popular brand name with low cost model.

The size of outlet can vary from 200 Sq Feet to 2500 Sq Feet.

Hunger Hackers Menu is prepared considering all age’s group & different taste bud.

Growth model is not very capital intensive and hence can grow rapidly.

Expanding home delivery can really boost Hunger Hackers sales.

Advertise, brand image & Quality Product will be key to grow the business.

Open new branches and outlets in North, South, West & East Regions

We believe in improvement of our Product. Quality & Cleanliness will be main motto of our delivery.

Tailoring of our Menu as per the tastes of people in different cities.

We respect local culture and custom of India and other countries.

Hunger Hacker’s menu is priced at a value that the largest segment of Indian consumers can afford.

We have the basis principal of life “No wastage of Food- Feed the Needy”.

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